Robots, Errors, & Other Events

To start this post off, this was a crazy week and you can take it as a positive or negative.  We had two speakers, Detective Roberts and Lydia Henshaw, who were such well-rounded people and had so much advice to give us.  To speak with Detective Roberts, we all traveled to iHub and Angelica brought us doughnuts.  I was the first person there, just watching several people cross the street to smoke, even though it was only 9 in the morning.  The detective took awhile to arrive, but everyone was too busy eating Krispy Kreme, I know I was.  It was slightly awkward when he asked for any questions and we all just stared at each other because no one knew what to ask. Once the tension broke, we learned that he really doesn’t like his job and feels stuck in between the police and the ghetto. He works on holidays and has seen a lot of grotesque images in his 15 years of policing.  Roberts strongly encouraged us to stay on the trending path and study technology in school because it’ll be of great value to not just ourselves, but future employers who’ll choose us over another candidate.

Lydia came around lunch time and joined us for Chinese food. We chatted and got to know her better before we settled ourselves in a more formal environment.  She spoke to us about steps to success and due to her list, everything was in order. First show up, which implies that you not only arrive, but to arrive with a strong mentality and physical strength to work and be ambitious.  Second,  play up, which in layman terms means to challenge yourself and not take the easiest course in life because then you will be prepared for mostly anything.

I have taken the wisdom of the speakers to heart and tired to practice the advice given to me throughout the weekend. But the real tea is that Thursday morning my 6, I repeat 6 pages of code was gone. Poof! Bam! Woosh! Non-existent! Of course this would occur to two weeks before the presentation and none of it was restored, so that meant back to square one.

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