Two more weeks to go and I realize that school is about to start up again soon. Like I just want to have a break and it actually feel like one, ya know? We went to Level1 and heard Atticus Scott talk to us about her career and hardships. It was really informative in the perspective of the government, no matter where you go, prejudice and hate will follow. But that never stopped Ms. Scott from working hard for the people of Kentucky and raising awareness for things that actually matter. Like the fact that there are several countys that don’t have clean drinking water or fighting for a good education for next generation kids.  I admire her a lot for never allowing peoples negativity to consume her, but instead to just wash pass her as she continues to thrive and make history. 

So we finally voted on the cubicles and I didn’t even get in second place, which of course is to be expected because I did the bare min, in my eyes.  Congrats to Hidea and Jay for their positive vibes in the office!

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