UPS Seems like the Better Option

As we dive into the next week, Treehouse seems to be overflowing with information on JavaScript and really focusing on getting the material needed to understand the programming functions. Before, I would say that the descendant selectors was the hardest part of the program, but now I would place JavaScript on the top of the most difficult. Besides Treehouse, the groups we’re in for the websites are running with little hiccups and I am in a group with Grace and Hidea for creating a web page for Hidea. 


The catering we had this week was from a Latino restaurant, we ordered tacos and churros, which weren’t very tasty(the churros). After all the information I’ve obtained from Treehouse, I’ve come to really appreciate all the hard work put into all the different websites I visit. For example, Twitter and Netflix have effects on their webpage that are amazing and it makes me really interested in coding after the program is over. 



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